In addition to acting as general corporate counsel, Alliance Counsel serves as transaction counsel in many industries. The following lists a selection of our attorneys' current and/or prior clients and representative transactions.

Software And Licensing, Technology Infrastructure And

Swrve New Media, Deem, Media Matters, Lyris Technologies, Amobee, Jajah, Informative, Vertical Response

Representative Transactions:

  • Swrve - Software as a Service ("SAAS") agreements for mobile marketing platform used by many large global and US companies: partnerships and vendor agreements with technology providers.
  • Deem - SAAS and technology agreements for commercial travel technology platform.
  • Media Matters - Commercial agreements for digital media services and technology platform.
  • Lyris - Revenue generating contracts, including agreements, enterprise and consumer software license and distribution agreements.
  • Amobee – SAAS agreements for mobile advertising platform with Sprint, AT&T, Vodafone, French Telekom, Singapore Telecommunications, and Intuit; creative services agreements with advertising agencies and developers.
  • Jajah – Service and technology licensing for telephony services with Yahoo, eHarmony, and mobile phone providers.
  • Informative - Marketing survey technology and software license agreements with 1-800 Flowers, Sony, Intuit, Glaxo, Ogilvie, and Rapp Collins.
  • Vertical Response – Email marketing and alliance agreements.
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Equity Financing

Assurz, SolarCity Corporation, TalentHouse, 47 Hills Brewery, Refine Beverages

Representative Transactions:

  • Assurz – Series A ($5.5M) and Series B ($5.25M) financing rounds.
  • SolarCity Corporation – Series A, B and C ($21M) financing rounds.
  • Qino – represented European seed stage firm in three rounds of early stage financing for US startup companies.
  • TalentHouse – Series A and B financing; and technology agreements.
  • 47 Hills Brewery - early stage financing for craft brewery.
  • Refine Beverages – Seed stage equity financing.
  • Represented cannabis grower and wholesaler for early stage financing and related transactions.
  • Represented investment funds and numerous individual high net worth investors in seed, angel and venture capital financing rounds.
  • Represented major investor in equity and debt financings of professional sports teams.
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Mergers And Acquisitions

Lyris Technologies, SabSe Technologies, Stadeon

Representative Transactions:

  • SabSe Technologies – represented company in acquisition of three complementary technology companies for its messaging and telephony platform.
  • Lyris – acquisitions by Lyris of competing email hosting company, and other technology companies in US, United Kingdom and Australia.
  • Stadeon – represented Stadeon (gaming platform company) in its acquisition by Yahoo.
  • Technology company acquisition via a merger and asset purchases totaling $14M.
  • Health care training and consulting firm sale transaction to health care social networking company.
  • SF/Bay Area restaurant groups in the acquisition of existing locations.
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Debt Financing And Restructuring

Representative Transactions:

  • $15M debt facility with Hewlett-Packard Credit Corporation.
  • $3M equipment lease with Heller Financial Leasing, Inc. (purchased by GE Capital Corporation).
  • $1.5M venture debt facility with WTI Lending.
  • $500K debt facility for expansion of product offering by NatureMill, Inc.
  • Restructured debt facility to accomplish buy-out at approx. 50% value.
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Real Estate

McGrath Properties, Pacific Union, Applebee’s Franchisee, Il Fornaio Restaurants, Moana Restaurant Group, Solage Hotels

Representative Transactions:

  • McGrath Properties – Represented buyer and seller in acquisitions of commercial real estate in Northern California.
  • Pacific Union - Represented company in leasing of office locations throughout California.
  • Represented seller in a $24M purchase and sale transaction for a retail shopping center.
  • Negotiated $14M financing with Bank of America for industrial project in SF/Bay Area.
  • Land use transactions with local government and adjoining property owners in American Canyon, CA.
  • Acquisition of 66,000 square foot mixed use office and retail shopping center in Marin County.
  • Acquisition and financing of 120,000 square foot retail and warehouse project in Southern California; negotiated all leases to regional and national companies.
  • Long term leases and subleases for office and industrial sites for McGrath Properties.
  • Long-term restaurant leases for Il Fornaio with institutional retail property owners.
  • Applebee’s Franchisee – represented largest Applebee’s franchisee in series of long term leases and site acquisitions.
  • Purchase and sale of a Napa Valley guest resort.
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Labor And Employment

Representative Transactions:

  • Amobee executive team for employment agreements and related contracts in acquisition by Singapore Telecommunications.
  • Employment agreements and employee proprietary information and inventions agreements.
  • Executive separation dispute resolution, severance agreements and related equity arrangements.
  • Employee equity incentive plans.
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